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Introducing HFA-1: Building Affordable Homes for All

Homes for All: Building a Better Tomorrow, Today.

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About HFA-1

Homes for All Program - Phase 1, or HFA-1, is a pioneering initiative by GCAP Group aimed at addressing the affordable housing crisis in Toronto and Mississauga in Ontario, Canada. We recognize that everyone has a right to safe, secure, and affordable housing, which is why we are committed to creating 1,000 new affordable homes in the city.

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Public Private Partnership

In collaboration with the Canadian government, philanthropic organizations, real estate developers, and community partners, we are mobilizing a dedicated fund of 10 billion CAD. This fund will be instrumental in facilitating the construction of affordable housing units, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable Toronto.

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HFA-1 is more than just a housing project—it is a community initiative. Our vision goes beyond building homes. We aim to create inclusive and sustainable communities where everyone has access to the opportunities they need to thrive.

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Call To Action

GCAP Group is steadfast in our resolve to lead this humanitarian effort driven by our unwavering commitment to compassion collaboration and empowerment. We believe that by working together with all stakeholders involved including members of the business community we can create sustainable solutions and foster positive change for refugees and communities involved. Let us stand united in building a better world for all.

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